The Order of the Temple and Saint John

A Religious Order of the Apostolic Johannite Church

The Order of the Temple and St. John is a Religious Order of the Apostolic Johannite Church that is rooted in the Johannite tradition and expressed in service. Open to both women and men, it is a sanctuary for Johannites seeking a richer engagement and commitment through acts of service and contemplation.

The Order is expressed in two complementary but distinct elements, the public Oblates of the Temple and St. John (ObTSJ) and the private Knights of the Temple and St. John (KTSJ), each being committed to assisting and growing the local Johannite community, through regular service and participation as well as spiritual work among those also called to this way of life. 

The Oblates of Saint John

The Oblates of St. John are born out of a recognition of radical self-responsibility, providing a means where those who are called beyond the lay state to a vowed pursuit of self-knowledge, may express and live out this vocation in a supporting environment with the recognition of the Apostolic Johannite Church

The Knights of the Temple

Johannite legend tells of the mysteries of Egypt, transmitted in the Apostolic era through Christ to the Beloved Disciple, John the Apostle. In turn this would be transmitted through the ages in Asia Minor until the time of the Crusades, where the transforming action of the Divine through that most Johannite of all principles, love, would reach the discipline of the warrior monks known as the Knights Templar.

The Rule

The Oblate Rule is an active way to live out the Statement of Principles of the Johannite Church, and thus has its basis in these same principles. 

Each point of the Statement of Principles can be seen as distilling down to essential aspects of the spiritual path, and it is these aspects which are highlighted to nine points which form the basis of the Oblate Rule. 

photo credit: Nheyob