The Knights of the Temple

The Chivalric Path and the Inner Jerusalem

The Knights of the Temple

Many modern expressions and organizations emphasize the military identity of the Order of the Temple. The Order of the Temple as situated within the context of the Johannite Tradition, however, places the weight and identity of the Templars on the spiritual and religious path.

Johannite legend tells of the mysteries of Egypt, transmitted in the Apostolic era through Christ to the Beloved Disciple, John the Apostle. In turn this would be transmitted through the ages in Asia Minor until the time of the Crusades, where the transforming action of the Divine through that most Johannite of all principles, love, would reach the discipline of the warrior monks known as the Knights Templar.

In former times chivalry has been associated with a variety of historical and romantic era ideas- from martial prowess, to courtly manners, religious crusades and quests. This chivalry for the ancient Order of the Temple, that is, the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, took the form of the defence of the pilgrimage routes and the Holy City of Jerusalem in the Holy Land. 

In our time however, and consonant with Johannite spirituality, the Knights of the Temple and Saint John are vowed to the protection and defence of the inner Jerusalem and the Holy Land that is made manifest in the world when we respect, honour and tend to the Sacred Flame in each of our fellow human beings, regardless of their spiritual path or the lack thereof. The transforming action of the Divine together with the discipline of contemplative religious life, informed and guided by the principle of Noblesse Oblige 

In the present age, Chevaliers are armed with compassion, exchanging their chargers for a commitment to service, and their chain mail and helm for the self-knowledge of mind and heart that comes through the pursuit of Gnosis. 

They are sustained in their own spiritual pilgrimage through the practice of prayer, meditation and spiritual study, and these disciplines are buttressed and fortified through the practice of novice and solemn vows.

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The Novitiate of the Knights of the Temple is open to all baptized, confirmed or received members of the Apostolic Johannite Church regardless of gender.

A postulancy of one year of active membership and the recommendation of a priest of the Apostolic Johannite Church is required to embark upon the process for being received as a Novice.  

Postulancy commences when an individual submits their declaration of intent to the local Superior for the Knights of the Temple.

Upon entering the Novitiate, novices take religious vows for one year as a part of the discernment process.

Knights of the Temple are expected to serve and assist with minor parish duties at a local Johannite Parish if one is nearby.

Should it be determined that the Novice is spiritually mature, stable and committed to their own path and public service, and with the concurrence of their local priest and the appropriate Superior, they will be admitted to Religious Profession and receive the Accolade.

Those Novices who are eligible for Solemn Vows are required to submit a national-level criminal background check prior to being allowed to take Solemn Profession and reception as a Knight of the Temple.